While Hidden, I See and Destroy

9 May 1930
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AKA: Leshovik

CODEC callsign: Longshot

Gender: Male

Age: 33, born in [CLASSIFIED] on May 9, 1930

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 175.26 cm (5'9")

Weight: 70.31 kg (155 lbs.)

Blood Type: O+

Identifying scars or marks: .5cm scar on upper lip, left side. .25cm diameter mole on inside of upper left arm.

Military Specialization: Sniper, Advance Reconnaissance

Service record: [CLASSIFIED]

Career kills: 53.
aggressive aggression, being the best, black ops, carnage, cigarettes, dragunovs, ghost squads, head shots, passive aggression, shock and awe, smoking, snipers, sniping, spotters, spotting, the moment, the strong silent type, threesomes, tolerating turkish coffee, upping my kill count, upping my sniper-kill count, war heroes